Artemis provide covert surveillance services including static, foot and mobile surveillance supported by technical surveillance to achieve our clients’ objectives.

All the surveillance operatives on whom we draw are former police, government or military operators or those who have qualified to an evidenced similar standard within the private sector.

We understand what is required of a good operator and are involved in the highly regarded training team at the Titan Training Academy where the best private sector investigation and surveillance training in the country is delivered to new and existing investigators.

Covert surveillance can be a means to achieving many clients’ goals including:

  • Infidelity and cheating partners
  • Proof of address
  • Investigating workplace misconduct and absenteeism
  • Commercial theft and espionage
  • Fraudulent insurance claims

We can achieve these objectives through a range of tactics including foot surveillance, mobile surveillance, static surveillance, technical surveillance including covert camera installations, GPS vehicle tracking and the use of covert imagery to evidence our observations.

At the conclusion of each deployment, we will provide you with a detailed report of the activity observed, including images obtained and where required original media and supporting statements of evidence for the appropriate Courts.

Our initial consultation is free, and if we identify a more appropriate means for your precious resources and budget than private investigation, we will tell you.

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