Polygraph and Lie Detector Applications

Whilst not admissible in evidence at court in the United Kingdom, Polygraphs, or lie detectors, have been successfully used since 2014 by the Probation Service in the Criminal Justice System to manage people convicted of sexual offences.

The Polygraph detects physiological changes in a human subject across a range of measurements in response to questioning.

Operators commonly identify a baseline of responses to questions followed by identifying changes in those responses to questions when the issue being examined is put to the subject.

As well as Polygraph detection, Artemis also has access to unique human examiners who are able to identify micro tells in a subject’s physical and verbal responses to situations and questions.

In either case this is a very specialist area.

Again, in a similar fashion to technical surveillance counter measures, possessing the equipment or training to complete a task does not make one a professional.

Artemis only provides professional services to our clients as anything else simply is not doing them justice.

We handle all information gained in accordance with the Data Protection Principles and are registered with the Information Commissioners Office.

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