GPS and Vehicle Tracking

GPS devices can be used for a number of investigative and protective purposes.

In protecting people, battery powered GPS devices placed in a person’s clothing or luggage can assist in monitoring their whereabouts when there is a concern for their safety or where there is a concern that they have been dishonest about their movements.

As an investigative aid, GPS devices placed on a vehicle allow that vehicle’s location to be monitored live-time or for historic data to be analysed.

Such devices, usually referred to as trackers, may be hard wired into a vehicle by specialists and be powered by the vehicle’s systems or may be self-powered temporarily installed devices.

In either case the device reports its location at intervals set by the user to track a person, asset or vehicle.

This data can be used to confirm or refute a location that a person claimed to be at during the period the device was used to monitor their movement or that of their vehicle.

The data may also be used by our clients to determine if further investigative services are required. For example, surveillance to better understand who is present at locations identified by the tracking device and what activities may be taking place.

Artemis generally use temporarily installed self-powered devices placed covertly on a vehicle for investigative purposes.

In some circumstances we will allow client access to the tracking application. This is a decision that we reserve the right to make on a case by case basis.

Generally, we will provide a report to our clients identifying the vehicle movements, locations and timings to inform decision making or the viability of using further services.

Our tracking service is commonly used to:

  • Monitor the use of vehicles (company or private)
  • Infidelity and cheating partner investigations
  • Corporate theft
  • Corporate espionage
  • Misconduct in the workplace

We handle all information gained in accordance with the Data Protection Principles and are registered with the Information Commissioners Office.

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