Counter Surveillance

Artemis operatives are well-versed in counter surveillance and anti-surveillance. For some it was their daily work for decades.

Defining these tactics for us is simple.

Anti-surveillance is what an individual may do to detect surveillance on themselves.

Counter surveillance is the use of a third party or team to detect surveillance on a person, principal or asset.

The skill or art is in using appropriate tactics to detect surveillance.

But who would need to use counter surveillance?

Typically, the following may benefit from counter surveillance:

  • Clients who believe they are being followed by amateur or professional surveillance
  • Clients in a position of trust or authority where information gained by a competitor or rival may be used against them or to infiltrate their business
  • Clients who are vulnerable or at risk of crime
  • Clients or assets that are high net worth and may attract attention or criminal activity
  • Clients who suspect that they are subject of surveillance for workplace absence or misconduct matters

Artemis operatives servicing your counter surveillance needs will deploy tactics that have been tested and adjusted over decades of police and government work in covert high risk environments.

Clients engaging Artemis for counter surveillance operations will become a pivotal element of the Artemis team for the operation to be effective.

We handle all information gained in accordance with the Data Protection Principles and are registered with the Information Commissioners Office.

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