Our Service To You

Established on the pillars of, honesty, integrity, value for money and professionalism, Artemis offers you a range of services which, used in isolation or together are designed to help you.

Our remote and skilled person tracing and genealogy services are complemented by our comprehensive background checks and open source and social media intelligence services to trace debtors and lost or missing persons and to evaluate new partners and understand new employees or those whose conduct is a concern.

Surveillance and GPS tracking services can reassure, or evidence concerns regarding a cheating partner and infidelity or an employee whose location and behaviour is suspected to amount to misconduct.

Our workplace investigation experience together with our human behavioural and technical lie detection capabilities combined with graphology experts make a formidable combination for exploring fraud and forgery in the workplace or domestic environments.

We are also ready to consult on your personal and business security requirements when it comes to detecting threats by surveillance and anti-social behaviour through our licensed security partners and our technical and counter surveillance capabilities.

And of course, we’re there for the traditional service of legal documents and demands.

Infidelity and Cheating Partners

At Artemis we understand the uncertainty and worry that can be caused when a client suspects their partner or spouse of infidelity, or cheating.

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Artemis provide covert surveillance services including static, foot and mobile surveillance supported by technical surveillance to achieve our clients’ objectives.

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Counter Surveillance

Artemis operatives are well-versed in counter surveillance and anti-surveillance. For some it was their daily work for decades.

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Workplace Investigations

Employee absenteeism can be damaging to a business. It can be doubly impactive when that absence is suspected not to be genuine.

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Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

Technical surveillance counter measures, more commonly known as bug sweeping, is a highly specialised area of operation.

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Polygraph/Lie Detector Applications

Whilst not admissible in evidence at court in the United Kingdom, Polygraphs, or lie detectors, have been successfully used since 2014 by the Probation Service.

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GPS and Vehicle Tracking

GPS devices can be used for a number of investigative and protective purposes.

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Person Tracing

Artemis offer a range of services in the field of person tracing.

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Background checks

Artemis offer a range of services in the field of background checks.

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Social Media Intelligence

Artemis have a solid base of regular clients for their open source intelligence capability.

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Process Serving

Artemis offers process serving facilities providing three service attempts at a fixed cost.

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Artemis is proud to have genealogists on hand to respond to our clients’ needs.

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Graphology, or forensic handwriting analysis, is a highly specialised and scientific area of investigation.

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Anti Social Behaviour

The Antisocial Behaviour Act 2003 and Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011define antisocial behaviour as.

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Close Protection Services

Following a thirty year police career managing many risks and circumstances the founder of Artemis worked as a licensed close protection operative.

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